green forest


An example of healing wounds from the past including spirit releasement:

Saw an angel
Old painting
Wendy house
Funny animal
Could have been a bear
Can’t see
Feels like moving
Sense of rush
Sense of movement
I don’t think I’m on my own
I think there are several people
Travelling in this carriage
Not sure if it’s drawn by a horse
Must be
There’s fear
I’m not holding the reins
I’m a passenger
I’m seeing it
I’m not inside
I’m outside
It feels like were in a forest
Not a smooth road or a dirt track
Not very dense forest
You can travel between the trees
I think I’m outside
Overwhelmed by panic and fear
Feel tears
Feel fear
My forest was peaceful
I know this forest very well
It’s my safe place
It’s beautiful
I’m at a distance
Is the animal going to knock me over?
I’m on my own
I was peacefully picking berries
In my safe, peaceful forest
And now I’m on this strange scary carriage
I think there is a horse
Just charging in my direction
Very near me
I have beautiful blond hair
I’m not very old
Curly hair
I stand up
I realise I have been seen
I think they stop
Grabs hold of me
I don’t see what’s happening
I want to know
I’m shocked
I’m totally overwhelmed
By the force of evil and darkness
Forcing itself into my safe, beautiful world
Can’t imagine what evil or what pain is like
I think I’m just taken
They just grab me
And put me on their carriage
I’m being forced to go with them
Wherever they’re going
I have never been outside this forest
I’ve been taken hostage
I feel deep, deep fear
They don’t smell nice
Those rude words
Hold onto my hand
So I don’t fall of this strange vehicle
We come to a stop
A standstill
An opening in the woods
Log cabin in woods
Familiar building
Feel safe in that sort of place
I’m very scared to go inside with them
I’m aware that I’m accompanied by my guide
But the force of evil is strong
So physical
I’m absolutely alone
I don’t know where I am
I can’t see
I don’t think there is physical abuse
I think it’s a game
I think I’ve been taken for a laugh
For their amusement
To see how I would react
They know who I am
It amuses them that they have captured me
I think I’m being tied up
I’m not free
I can’t leave
They are wicked
Very crude
They use very bad language
They have been drinking
They’re drunk
It looks like a spur of the moment prank
They decided to pick me up
They now don’t know what to do with me
They just continue drinking
Forget about me in their drunken stupor
I hear the suggestions of what they could do to me
What a coup to have captured me
As if they want to get at my family
They call me names
They laugh at me
They talk about my family
My father
I don’t know why
Is it jealousy?
Anger perhaps?
They’re unintelligent
Not responsible for their actions
I don’t hold it against them
But it’s very scary for me
No idea how I will get out of here
I’m quite small
Or five
Or six years old
The drunkenness has peaked
They’re just lying around
They’ve been very vulgar
They’ve laughed at how they could shock me
Not physically touched
They’re scaring me
Crude, raw, male, drunken madness
I’m bewildered
They know they’ve got me
They just drop off to sleep
I’m the only one awake
They’re just lying around
I think somebody’s touching me
I think I’m being touched between my legs
I don’t think I’m being raped
I don’t understand
I’m just bewildered
I’m not ugly
I’m beautiful
I don’t understand
Bad intentions
Evil intentions
I think this man is very drunk
He’s trying to rape me
But can’t
I’m very aware in every sense
I’m totally out of my comfort zone
I have never imagined people behaving like this
I’m a little bit amused
Somehow I see a little bit of human in this
Maybe my guide is there
He has lost his senses
He can’t have sex with this little girl
He tries
And fails miserably
He smells
I’m disgusted
I don’t think I’m ashamed
I’m just afraid
By myself
With these wild men
Unsophisticated, drunk, smelly, coarse
I know there is light
I know I have a connection with light
I want to go back
To my mummy and daddy
I can’t get out
I just feel as if I’m witnessing
There’s complete madness
This angel is there now
Watching over me
I’m on another plane
I have to have more faith than I thought was possible
I think the angel takes me away
We ask to move away and look at the scene from a distance
I just see that she’s lifeless
She’s just a lump now
We are moving away
The angel is holding my hand
She must have died
I look back at her
I feel deep compassion and much love
I feel very sorry for these men
I don’t see any light around them
I just see darkness
And fear
They are very unhappy people
What happens now?
I can sort of see
Flashing images of my family
The area of Sweden where I come from
The home where I was born
I’m in spirit
We ask for help from the healing realms
I’m aware of a deep gut fear in my guts and the grip it has had on me
I want to feel that safe place again
I’m aware of my lower abdomen and how rigid it feels
There is heat
There is movement
Sort of like wind
Wind can’t go there
Tension being relieved
There’s more heat now
I can feel heat
I can’t see light
There’s whitish goldish light
Not colours
Thank you
That feels very good
We ask if there is anyone there with Sandra
Not sure
My ex-husband
Yes, he’s here
He’s helping
He’s kind
He has a very good heart
He’s a very kind man
He doesn’t understand
He doesn’t understand wickedness
I feel very deeply connected
He wants to be where I am
Where we are
I’m not so well equipped to cope with everything
We ask to talk to James
How long have you been with Sandra?
We were never apart
Are you there now?
Shouldn’t you be in the light?
I don’t believe in the light
I learnt from the nuns not to trust in the light
The light was a make believe story
The nuns made fun of me and my ways
How I fidgeted with my hair
Always twisting it with my fingers
James, look inside – what do you see?
I see darkness
Lack of guidance
See a lot of confusion
Always looked up to Sandra
And her ability to guide the children
We ask the part of James with Sandra to go with the angel to the light?
He took all my energy
I can be strong now
I want to be home
To see that my children are ready and strong
They are not ready to be left on their own
Please help me to stay with them

We give thanks for all the help we have had and close the session

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